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fantastic four #6

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Ms. Marvel #07 (2014)

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"This wasn’t the plan."

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My family tried to kill me, you pathetic meat sack.

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cassie robinson in 1.13

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an angry fancast series because we deserve more women in marvel/dc movies: [3/?]

↳ ruth negga as zatanna zatara

             she begins as a stage magician, following her father’s craft, performing each motion without his instruction. somehow she always manages to tweak his technique until she outshadows him. that doesn’t stop them from rocketing to stardom, though, or as much stardom as two magicians can have.

            after he disappears (god, she hears so many fucking jokes about his true talent as a magician), she grieves until she can’t anymore. finally, she accepts an offer to headline her own show, only this time the magic comes far too easily: she keeps pulling rabbits out of hats, shoes, purses, anything; doves fly out of every door she opens; one of her assistants seems to have lost her torso.

            (she still searches for her father. they never did find his body. one day, a tall, well-muscled woman shows up on her front step wearing what can best be described as functional armor. wow, i wasn’t expecting a guest appearance. did we schedule you? zatanna laughs. we know where your father is, the woman replies. who’s we? you don’t mean—? zatanna takes a step back, but she’s smiling. so is the invisible jet parked nearby? in response, the woman just laughs and laughs.)

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