black widow + gear
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- Dinah Laurel Lance. Always trying to save the world. 
- Hey, if I don’t try and save it, who will?

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I can’t feel my legs. I’m having trouble breathing. My mind’s racing with questions. I know it’s not over. I know they’ll be back. But I did it. I didn’t think I could. But I beat them back. I saved this place. Mother, father.. just for today… I won

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fangirl challenge 2.0 » [25/?] characters

Olivier Mira Armstrong (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

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Teen Wolf 4.05 I.E.D.: Malia Tate

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Marvel Female Solo Series.
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"You would see how gentle a woman can be."

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get to know me meme: ten female characters ♦ joan watson

↳ “My point is that the only thing that anyone can predict about people with a 100 percent certainty is that they’ll change, and anyone who thinks otherwise is kidding themselves.”

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❈ D i s a b i l i t y f e s t ❈ 

┕ Cassandra Cain A.K.A. Batgirl || Dyslexic

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